An M2E Pro Listing contains information about the eBay Account and Site you want to List on, along with Payment, Shipping, and Selling Settings (and Inventory Synchronization Settings, if in Advanced Mode). It also needs to know which Products you want to list.

To list your products on eBay, you need to:

  1. Select Products you want to List on eBay using the M2E Pro listing settings.
  2. Set the eBay Categories you want to use when listing products on eBay.
  3. Add eBay Specifics information for the eBay Categories.

You can add Magento Products to your Listing in two main ways - from Product List and from particular Category.

Also, you can provide Rules for automatic adding/removing products to M2E Pro Listing.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to add Magento Products to M2E Pro.