Custom Description Editors

With the Custom Description, you can personalize the look and feel of your eBay Listings.

Use WYSIWYG or HTML mode to create a description. The Show/Hide Editor button switches between these modes. The Preview button shows how an item will be displayed on eBay.

WYSIWYG editor – precisely represents the appearance of the item description, that will be displayed on eBay.
HTML – allows using HTML tags and CSS styles to create a more advanced description design.

eBay does not permit using some types of HTML and JavaScript functions.
To find out more read eBay HTML and JavaScript policy, emails, and links policy.

Custom Description Inserts

Click Insert Customs to add Magento attributes and images to the Custom Description.

The Custom Insertions pop-up will be opened.

Adding Attributes

Product Attribute – contains a list of all Magento attributes.

M2E Pro Attribute – list of M2E listing settings.

To add a Magento / M2E Pro attribute:

  1. Choose the attribute from the drop-down.
  2. Click Insert.

Attribute tag will be added in the #name_of_attribute# format to the end of the description text. You can cut it from the end or insert it in the appropriate place of the HTML template.

You can insert the URLs of Base Image along with 12 Gallery Images: only URLs (e.g. will be added into the Item Description, not an HTML code.

To insert the Gallery Image URLs into the Custom Description, the Gallery option under the Images section should be also enabled:

Note: In case you set to insert the Gallery Image Url 10, but only 7 Gallery Images are available for your Product, the blank space will be added to the Item Description.

Adding Custom Static Blocks

You can add Custom Static Blocks to the description:

{{block id="static_block_code"}}

Adding Products Image(s)

The images are added according to the next rules:

  • If an image marked as excluded in Magento, it will not be added to the description.
  • If it is a Configurable, Bundle, or Grouped product, images will be taken only from the Main (Parent) Product.
  • All images you add will be shown from your store web server and will not be uploaded on eBay.

Insert Image – allows choosing which image has to be added to the custom description. Configure the available Image settings: Position, Width, Height, Margin, Open Original Size in a New Window, Use Watermark.

  • Position -  the image matching a sequence number in the Magento product will be added to the Item Description. You can use original or set a custom picture size, add Watermark if needed. If the Product Base Image selected, the image marked as a base image will be added to the Item Description.

Note: the Sort Order column in the Magento product is not taken into consideration. The image is added according to the actual sort order.

  • Margin – the bottom and right margin borders of the image(s).
  • Open Original Size Image in a New Window – if 'Yes' is selected, the image in its original dimensions will be opened in a new window by the click.
  • Use Watermark - applies a watermark to all the images in the Custom Description.
Note: the option is available in Custom Description only if it is enabled under the Images & Watermark section.

Insert Gallery – allows you to add up to 20 images into the description. Configure the available Image Gallery settings: Quantity, Displaying, Layout, Use Watermark.

  • Quantity – determines a certain quantity of images, which has to be added to the description.
  • Displaying Images – specifies how to display images in the description. You can use two modes:
    1. Custom Settings – images will be added according to the settings, you set: Image(s) Width, Image(s) Height, Image(s) Margin, Open original size image in a new window.
    2. Gallery View – allows quickly view images by clicking on the small thumbnails. Configure the available settings: Main Image Width, Main Image Hight, Gallery Hint.

  • Layout - select in which way the Images should be displayed:

- Horizontal – the images will be displayed in a row.

- Vertical – the images will be displayed in a column.

Note: Starting from M2E Pro v1.2.0, the Gallery images added to the Custom Description are processed via HTML with CSS technology instead of JavaScript, which corresponds to eBay instructions.

In accordance with eBay browser security standards, sellers are required to use secure content in the Item description.

To help the customer be compliant with this enforcement, M2E Pro supports using secure content in the Custom Description. You can enable this feature by completing these steps:

  1. Ensure that your Magento has a correctly configured SSL certificate. If yes, proceed to Step 2.
  2. Navigate to eBay Integration > Configuration > Settings > Main > Images Uploading and switch to 'Yes' the 'Use Secure Image URLs in Item Description' option. The Image URLs added to the Custom Description will be generated using the HTTPS protocol.