M2E Pro provides full order management: automatic order import, tracking number synchronization, order cancelation or refund, order status update. 

The primary task of M2E Pro is to maintain constant order synchronization. Once a customer places an Order, it will be imported to the Module.

All imported eBay Orders can be found under eBay Integration > Sales > Orders. The order overview page shows the information about a buyer, purchased items, the total paid amount, current order status, eBay Order ID, and an ID of the corresponding Magento Order.

Filters are available to show orders for a specific eBay Marketplace or eBay Account only. You can also filter to Show eBay Orders without Magento orders. Using this option, you can see which eBay orders need further action from you:


Only the Orders placed past the eBay Account creation date are imported to M2E Pro.


Channel orders created more than 180 days ago are archived when their total number exceeds 100,000. This means that all orders starting from 100,001 become hidden from the Orders grid and remain in the archive. To get them, please contact M2E Pro Support.

Let's take a closer look at order processing via the Module: