It can take up to 24 hours to import all existing Unmanaged listings, depending on the size of your Channel inventory

Only Unmanaged Items that are not older than 4 years will be imported.

We highly recommend you to map identical products: imported Simple Product with your Magento Simple Product, and Variational Product to Magento Variational Product with the relevant variational attributes and options. It allows avoiding the system confusion when applying actions (e.g. Revise, Relist) and order creation in M2E Pro

There is no need to assign eBay categories to products when moving items from Unmanaged Listings to M2E Pro ListingProducts will be imported to M2E Pro along with the eBay category and default set of Item Specifics if such category was already added to M2E Pro. You will be able to configure the Item Specifics for categories that were not added to M2E Pro yet.

Also, product categories will now be displayed in the Unmanaged Listing grid. To see categories for products you moved before the upgrade, simply click Refresh Unmanaged Listing under eBay > Listings > Unmanaged.