What's new

In version 1.12.1, we have added the eBay Managed Payments option for Italy, France, Spain, and eBay Motors marketplaces, as well as some quality fixes to keep your M2E Pro efficient. 

See the technical changelog below.


The 1.12.1 version includes all the features, fixes and improvements released in non-public 1.11.0 and 1.12.0 versions. Before upgrading to the 1.12.1 version, check out Release Notes - 1.11.0 and Release Notes - 1.12.0 to be aware of all the latest changes.

eBay Integration

Managed Payments are available for eBay IT, FR, ES, and eBay Motors

Following eBay's recent updates on the Managed Payments feature, we have expanded the number of marketplaces that support it.

Using the Managed Payments feature, sellers on Italy, France, Spain, and eBay Motors marketplaces can now provide their buyers with more payment options, like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and receive the payment directly to the bank account.

To enable it, navigate to eBay Integration > Configuration > Policies > Payment Policy. Tick the checkbox next to the Use eBay Managed Payments option:

(click on the gif to enlarge)

Make sure that you have enabled the eBay Managed Payments feature in your eBay Seller Center first.

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Technical Changelog

  • eBay: [Fixed] "Use eBay Catalog Item Data" option is set to Yes in Description Policy despite the value in "m2epro_ebay_template_description" table [M2-1106]
  • eBay: [Added] Managed Payments option for Italy, France, Spain, eBay Motors marketplaces [M2-1041]