Any product that you list on Walmart website must be associated with a relevant Category in Walmart catalog.

In M2E Pro Category Policy, you can select Walmart Category/Subcategory that suits best your product and defines the Specifics. To set up Category Policy, navigate to Walmart > Configuration > Policies, click Add Policy, select Category, then complete the following steps:

Step 1: Specify a Policy title

Enter a meaningful title for your internal use:

Step 2: Select Walmart marketplace and category

Select Walmart marketplace to upload the related category list:


Category Policy is created per marketplace that cannot be changed after the Policy is assigned to a Listing Product.

To select Walmart category, click Edit. In the opened pop-up, search for the needed category and Confirm your choice.


 Item Specifics vary by Category/Subcategory. It is important to select the correct one to define the relevant Specifics.

Step 3: Complete Item Specifics

After you select Walmart category, the Specifics section will appear:

By clicking Add Specifics, you will enter a pop-up where you can select the specifics. If you need to narrow down the list of the specifics, you may use the search and filter tools. After you make a selection, press Confirm.

To define a Specific you can use a custom value or select the relevant Magento Attribute.

Create multiple Category Policies for each Walmart Category that you are going to list your products to. Each product must be assigned a Category Policy before it is listed on the Walmart marketplace. 


You can find some Walmart tips on how to select the best category for a product here.