If you are an existing Walmart seller and want to manage your Channel inventory based on Magento data, you may use the 3rd Party Listing functionality.

This article will guide you step-by-step on how to transfer your 3rd Party Items into M2E Pro Listing.

Step 1: Enable the 3rd Party import

To import your existing Walmart inventory into M2E Pro, you should enable this feature in your Account configuration: Walmart > Configuration > Accounts > Edit Account > 3rd Party Listings.


It can take up to 24 hours to import all existing 3rd party listings, depending on the size of your Channel inventory.


You can enable/disable the option for each M2E Pro Walmart account individually.

Step 2: Open the 3rd Party Listing

The imported 3rd Party Items can be found under Walmart > Listings > 3rd Party. The 3rd Party Items from the different Walmart accounts will be stored in the separate Listings.

Open the desired Listing to review the items: their title, SKU, product identifier, current quantity, price, and status on the Channel.

Step 3: Map the 3rd Party Item to Magento Product

Automatic mapping

During the initial 3rd Party Item import, the items can be mapped to Magento Products automatically based on the mapping settings, e.g. SKU, UPC, GTIN, etc. values, defined in your Account configurations.

To apply these settings to the selected 3rd Party Items, you can submit the Map Item(s) Automatically action in the Listing grid:

Manual mapping

You can match the 3rd Party Items with Magento Products using the manual Map option. To start with, please search for an item that you want to associate with Magento Product, then click Map:

In the opened pop-up, you need to select a corresponding Magento Product and click Map To This Product:

After the mapping completed successfully, the related Magento Product ID will be shown next to the 3rd Party Item:

Step 4: Move the 3rd Party Item to M2E Pro Listing

After the 3rd Party Item is mapped, it can be moved to M2E Pro Listing. To do it, please click Move next to the item:


Select the Move Item(s) to Listing action from the Actions menu to move the items in bulk:

In the opened pop-up, you can select a desired M2E Pro Listing, then click Move To This Listing:


If none existing Listing suits you, click Add New Listing to create a new M2E Pro Listing on the fly.

Step 5: Assign Walmart category

It is important to assign a Walmart category to an item before it will be placed to M2E Pro Listing. Please check this article to find the detailed instruction.


M2E Pro will automatically schedule synchronization of 3rd Party Item with Magento data right after the item is placed into M2E Pro Listing.

You can observe all Products from M2E Pro Listings or 3rd Party Listings in Walmart Integration > Listings > Search Products.

Use the filters to find the product you want to manage. Clicking the  icon in the Manage column will take you to the M2E Pro Listing's products page, where you will be able to manage its settings.