The Service interface is simple and clear to help you manage the product prices easily. The repricing process is automatically yet highly controlled via flexible settings. Please read our tips below to get started with repricing.

After you authorize the Repricing Service to access your Amazon account, the listings are automatically onboarded: the product title, price, shipping cost, quantity, SKU, ASIN, condition, etc. are collected. Each product you added to the Service is marked with an appropriate status. Product status shows the current state of an item.

Repricing Service identifies your competitors. Once the repricing process is run, Service reacts to any change in the competitors' pricing to keep your product prices competitive.

The only thing you need to do is to steer the product price management under the Repricing Service:

  • Indicate the min and max prices to protect your profit margins.

    This works as a safe limit while automated price adjusting. It is your guarantee that the price will never go below the specified min threshold or above the max one. Your minimum price is the lowest price you are willing to sell the Item at when you are competing for buyers' attention. While your maximum price is the price that should be used when there are no competitors.

    Find the crucial aspects of min/max price specifying here.

  • Define your preferences for how the Items should be repriced.

    Service gives you a set of repricing tools to properly manage the product prices. No matter you are the only seller or the Buy Box holder, use Amazon fulfillment networks or have modest performance metrics, need to become the lowest-priced seller or want to beat a certain merchant, etc. - Repricing Service helps you to be ahead.

    The preferences you defined will result in Repricing Rule that the Service will follow.

That is all. Service will take care of the rest.

You can always refer to the Service reports to track and compare the real-time data, improve your repricing strategy, and optimize the competition.

Get started with Repricing Service in minutes, using the Setup WizardIt will guide you through the setup process to start repricing immediately. Please refer to Figure 1 below.

Figure 1: The initial setup of Repricing Service

Step 1. Link your Amazon account/marketplace to Repricing Service. Later you will be able to add more accounts/marketplaces under the Settings > Amazon Account section.

Step 2. Select the products you want to be managed via the Service. Use Select All'/'Select Visible to add a big-sized inventory.

Step 3. Indicate the min and max prices you want to sell your Items at. Use the mass actions for the rapid product price updating.

Step 4. Set up the Repricing Rules to beat the competition in a way that makes sense for your business. Configure an unlimited number of Rules and alternative repricing settings.

Step 5. Once all configurations are successfully done, the repricing process starts for your products.

If you are already familiar with basic functionality and have got specific questions, see our FAQ.

If you want to use Repricing Service in combination with M2E Pro Extension, please visit the Repricing tool section.