1. To start managing the product prices, Service has to collect the required product data. Listing onboarding is a prerequisite of the repricing process. Given that onboarding can be run only after the price change has occurred, Service temporarily modifies your item price in a range from 1 to 5 cents.

  2. Onboarding involves collecting the required product data such as title, price, shipping cost, quantity, SKU, ASIN, condition, etc. This process may be rather time-consuming and take up to 1-3 hours for the big-sized inventory.

  3. You can add several Amazon accounts and marketplaces to Repricing Service. Navigate to Settings > Amazon Accounts to provide the required settings.

  4. Min and max prices are required to be specified. They play the role of safe limit while automated price adjusting. Only the absolute price values (e.g. 10.25 or 16.50) must be provided. No percentage or calculation rules (such as 10% or 10.25 x 2.1) can be applied.

  5. Regular, min and max price values must be provided excluding the shipping cost.

  6. Regular price can be equal either to min price or to max price at the same time.

  7. The sale price is not compatible with the price management via Repricing Service. The sale price will be automatically disabled within 30 minutes after the discounted product is added to Repricing Service.

  8. Repricing Service does not affect Amazon Business pricing due to the technical reasons. If you are offering some items which have the Business price or Quantity discounts, you have to bear in mind that these products cannot be repriced via the Service.

  9. Repricing Service provides continuous price updating in accordance with settings you have specified. Once the competitor's price is changed, Service reacts immediately by repricing your offer.

    Please note, sometimes it can take up to 15 minutes to reflect your price change on the Channel due to the technical limitation on Amazon side.

  10. If you use Repricing Service in combination with M2E Pro, you have to consider the next:

    1. It can take up to 1 hour to update the min/max/regular price with the changes made to corresponding Magento Attributes.

    2. M2E Pro Listing grid is updated with the repriced values once a day. So you could notice some difference between price values displayed in M2E Pro and Repricing Service. The most actual data can be found within Repricing Service.

    3. Settings provided in Repricing Service have a priority over M2E Pro Repricing tool ones. If your min/max/regular price is set to be updated via Magento Attributes but then you change it directly in Repricing Service, your price will be recalculated based on the Service's value.

  11. There are several common reasons of why the products cannot be repriced:

    1. The price cannot be updated for products which are out of stock. The previously specified price value remains. 
      Note, the product which has no stock is marked with 'Inactive (out of stock)' status.

    2. The price cannot be updated if the total price with shipping cost included takes your offer out of the top 20 offers (e.g. 25th position, etc.) for this Amazon product. Given that, Amazon provides the data only on top 20 sellers, Repricing Service is unaware of your offer, therefore, cannot reprice it.
      Note, if your offer is out of top 20, it is marked as 'Inactive (out of top 20 offers)'.

    3. The price cannot be updated if Service does not receive some required product data (e.g. product condition) from the Channel. The issue occurs due to some temporal issues on Amazon side and can be solved via the item re-onboarding. For the manual run of this process, use the 'Reset' action from the product 'Actions' menu.
      Note, if the product condition is not available, it is marked as 'Inactive (broken product)'.

    4. The price cannot be updated if there are several offers in your Amazon Inventory with the same ASIN/ISBN and condition. It is because Repricing Service cannot exactly determine the offer to which the price change should be applied.
      Note, such offers are marked with 'Inactive (ASIN/Condition Duplicate)' status.

    5. The price cannot be updated if Service does not receive the data related to the particular SKU. It happens when Item is physically removed from Amazon inventory or due to some temporal technical issues on Amazon.
      Note, such offers are marked with 'Inactive (non-existent SKU)' status.

  12. The price cannot be updated for those Items which are marked on Amazon with pricing error. To prevent the pricing error, Amazon min and max price limits are automatically updated with corresponding threshold values set in Repricing Service.

  13. If you need to pause repricing for specific items, use 'Disable for Repricing' action. Disabled products are never modified by the Service.

  14. Repricing Service cannot modify the shipping cost which is set for your offers. However, it is taken into consideration while calculating the competitive price. Your item price will be repriced to the value that will suit your Rule settings after the shipping cost is added.
    For example, 

    Initial settings


    offer price


    shipping cost

    Buy Box Winner

    offer price



    15$4,50$19,30$ (incl.shipping cost)to be lower by 0,20$

    Resulting values



    14,60$19,10$ (14.60$ + 4,50$)
    • Your Repricing Strategy is to compete with a Buy Box Winner, your price has to be lower by 0,2$.
      Buy Box Winner's price is 19,30$ with the shipping cost included.
      Your price is 15$ and your shipping cost is 4,50$.
      Your product price will be repriced to 14,60$ so that the total price with shipping cost included
      can suit specified settings.
      14,60$ (price) + 4,50$ (shipping cost) = 19,10$ is your total price after repricing,
      which is lower by 0,2$ than the competitor's one.

  15. Due to the technical reasons, it can take up to 24 hours to reflect the Channel changes made to Item quantity. We strongly recommend controlling the stock levels attentively to prevent a zero stock and subsequent delay in repricing.

  16. Repricing Rule settings should be adjusted carefully. After the changes are saved, product prices will be immediately recalculated under the newly specified settings.

  17. The product can only obtain the 'Goal Achieved' label, that corresponds to the Repricing Rule assigned to this product.
    For example, you have assigned to your product the Rule A with 'Compete with Lowest Price' strategy, however, this goal can not be achieved for some reasons. In accordance with your settings if the goal is not achieved the Alternative Rule B with 'Take Better Price Position' Strategy should be applied. As a result, the Alternative Rule settings allow you to successfully achieve the specified goal. But the 'Goal Achieved' label will not be set for this product since the Rule B is not assigned to it.

  18. The Alternative Rules should be used carefully. Sometimes the Service may encounter a problem when it is following the sequence of specified Alternative Rules. If the settings you provide make the algorithm keep going back to the Rule which has already been applied (endless loop), the error will occur. The Service won't be able to update the product price due to the cyclicity of algorithm. The corresponding error record will be added to the Rule logs.
    For example, you have assigned the Rule A to your product. However, its goal cannot be achieved for some reasons. Next, the alternative Rule B should be applied in accordance with your settings. In case its goal cannot be achieved either, Rule A is set to be used as an alternative. As a result, the error will occur and the product price won't be updated because the Service is supposed to return to Rule A again. 

  19. Due to some technical reasons, there is a limit for the Inventory volume that could be managed via Repricing Service. If your inventory exceeds 50K Items, please contact our Support team for a solution that will be tailored to you.

  20. To prevent any inaccuracies, the item price should be updated via a single data source. That is why if you want to add Amazon account which is already managed via M2E Pro to Repricing Service, using the Repricing tool is required. It will allow preventing the double product price synchronization.

    After the product is added to Repricing Service via Repricing Tool, M2E Pro stops affecting its price. In case the item is disabled for the repricing or have Inactive (broken product)/Inactive (ASIN/Condition duplicate) status within Repricing Service, M2E Pro start updating its price again.

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