What is the purpose of repricing? Ultimately, it is a higher sales revenue. What if you have more than one way to achieve this goal? Certainly, your chances of success will increase. So, why not take this opportunity? By using Alternative Rules you can apply different Rules with different Strategies to the same products in a logical sequence.

Take a look at a specific example.

You want to beat the lowest-priced seller by 1$. If this goal cannot be achieved, you prefer to have the price equal to the BuyBox Winner's one. If there are no BuyBox Winners, you would like to get better price position among top 5 offers. If none of these goals can be achieved, you want to set the regular price for your product. Let's configure the Repricing Rules: A, B, and C.

To start with, create Rule C with 'Take Better Price Position' strategy. Choose to set the regular price if the goal is not achieved. Please refer to Figure 1, Figure 2 below.

Figure 1: Selected Strategy for the Repricing Rule 'C', Figure 2: Repricing Rule 'C' configuring

Then, Rule B with 'Compete with the Buy Box Winner' strategy should be created. See the settings provided in Figure 3, Figure 4 below:

Figure 3: Selected Strategy for the Repricing Rule 'B', Figure 4: Repricing Rule 'B' configuring

Select 'Compete with the Lowest Price' strategy while Rule A creating. Set to be lower by 1$ and to use the alternative Rule B if the goal is not achieved. Take a look at Figure 5, Figure 6.

Figure 5: Selected Strategy for the Repricing Rule 'A', Figure 6: Repricing Rule 'A' configuring


After all, assign Rule A to the products which should be managed under specified sequence.

You can easily combine different strategies to manage your prices even more effective.

Note: the product can only obtain the 'Goal Achieved' label, that corresponds to Repricing Rule assigned to this product.
For example, you have assigned to your product the Rule A with 'Compete with Lowest Price' strategy, however, this goal can not be achieved for some reasons. In accordance with your settings if the goal is not achieved the Alternative Rule B with 'Take Better Price Position' Strategy should be applied. As a result, the Alternative Rule settings allow you to successfully achieve the specified goal. But the 'Goal Achieved' label will not be set for this product since the Rule B is not assigned to it.

Please, be attentive while using the Alternative Rules. Sometimes the Service may encounter a problem when it is following the sequence of specified Alternative Rules. If the settings you provide make the algorithm keep going back to the Rule which has already been applied (endless loop), the error will occur. The Service will not be able to update the product price due to the cyclicity of algorithm. The corresponding error record will be added to the Rule logs.
For example, you have assigned the Rule A to your product. However, its goal cannot be achieved for some reasons. Next, the alternative Rule B should be applied in accordance with your settings. In case its goal cannot be achieved either, Rule A is set to be used as an alternative. As a result, the error will occur and the product price will not be updated because the Service is supposed to return to Rule A again.