Important changes made to the logic of Repricing Rule work.


Improved logic of Repricing Rule work at when you are the Buy Box Winner

Using the Repricing Strategies, you are able to win the Buy Box. The Repricing Rule configurations allow you to determine the Service behavior at when you are the Buy Box Winner. It gives you a full control over the competition.

However, the Service might encounter situation when it follows the sequence of specified repricing settings. Please take a look at the example below:

Initial settings


current price


regular price





15$ (2nd price position)


14$ (1st price position)

16$ (3rd price position)

If you are the Buy Box Winner:

set the Regular Price


Compete with the Lowest Price:

to be lower by 2$

Resulting values

Your price after

Repricing Strategy

settings applied

Your price after

'If you are the Buy Box Winner'

configurations applied

  • According to the provided settings, your product price will be repriced to 12$, that makes your offer
    the lowest-priced one and allows you to win the Buy Box.
    Given that you choose to set the Regular price if you get the Buy Box, your product price will be
    updated to 17$ next.
    As a result, your offer will move from the 1st to 3rd price position and lose the Buy Box.
    Service will be forced to get back to the repricing strategy settings.
    The repricing cycle will continue indefinitely.

The scenario described above is not a standard in itself. It makes you lose the top placement on the product page and your product price being updated continuously (Infinite loop).

To prevent the cyclicity of repricing algorithm, M2E Pro Team has improved existing configurations: the Min/Max/Reg Price and Alternative Rule are no longer available for the selection when you configure 'If you are the Buy Box Winner' option. Starting from this release, if your offer wins the Buy Box, you can Stop Repricing or set Not Configured. These changes make the repricing settings clearer.

Note, if you use 'Compete With Buy Box Winner' strategy and you win the Buy Box, the Repricing will be stopped automatically although 'If you are the Buy Box Winner' option is set as Not Configured.

If your Repricing Rules were configured to use the Min/Max/Reg Price or Alternative Rule after you win the Buy Box, in the new release, the Not Configured value will be used instead.

Please note, if the Not Configured value does not suit your initial purpose in product price updating, you can adjust the Repricing Rule settings.

Technical Changelog

  • Improvement: [Service] Remove an ability to set for "If You are the Buy Box Winner" option any values except stop repricing and not configured
  • Improvement: [Service] Prevent price change for offer with calculation disabled.