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Extension for Magento v1.x

Best Practice

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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 M2E Pro allows observing data changes triggered by various Magento Core Models. However, very frequently: Magento Products, Categories, Attributes, etc. are updated without a usage of Magento Core Standard Functionality (Magento Core Models), so M2E Pro may not detect these changes.

M2E Pro may not detect changes if:

  • Data is manipulated via direct SQL requests (Direct SQL injections);
  • Changes made by side models of a side module;
  • Changes made through Magento API;
  • Any other approach that is not using a Magento Core Functionality.

If a data in your Magento system gets updated by any of above-described methods, there is a requirement to notify M2E Pro explicitly. There are 2 options to do that:

  1. Object method - uses all variations of M2E Pro (slower);

  2. Structural model- only tracks data changes in existing Magento Products (fast);

These models can be found in your Magento File system in the following path: app/code/community/Ess/M2ePro/Model/PublicServices.