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Extension for Magento v1.x

Best Practice

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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Please note: if you are selling on Amazon you may still have Rakuten enabled by default


  • to check active channels:

go to System>Configuration>M2E Pro>Channels

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  • to check geographic locations:

For eBay go to Sell on eBay>Configuration>eBay Sites

For Amazon & Rakuten go to Sell on Multi-channels>Configuration>MarkeplacesAmazon > Configuration > Marketplaces.

Please do not forget to review among others the following settings: 3rd Party Listing Import, Magento orders creation, Synchronization Policy, Selling Settings.


Following initial configuration please review your M2E Pro config and disable options, channels, and features that you do not intend to use

Please remember that you can always enable/disable various options whenever is required.



Starting from the version 6.3.x M2E Pro has “Conditional Revise” option implemented for both “Quantity Revise” and “Price Revise” in Synchronization Policy.

What is “Conditional Revise”?

The main purpose of the “Conditional Revise” is to limit a number of “Revise” actions performed. It allows improving M2E Pro Performance.

How “Conditional Revise for Qty” works?

Consider the following scenario: “Conditional Revise for QTY” is enabled, Product Quantity on hand is “105” and value for “Revise when Quantity is less or equal” is set to “5”. Given this setup, M2E Pro will not attempt to revise Product’s Quantity until QTY on hand in Magneto falls below “6”. This will allow a system to avoid performing 100 “unnecessary” revisions. Clearly, this option is useful if a merchant carries large volumes for individual products.

Our recommendation is to Enable “Conditional Revise for Qty” and to set "Revise When Less or Equal" to some value. You can change this value at any time.

How “Conditional Revise for Price” works?

Sometimes merchants change prices in Magento but prefer these changes not to be reflected across marketplaces. For that very reason, M2E Pro has a “Conditional Revise for Price” functionality. The value to be set is a percentage of a maximum deviation between Magento Price (taken from Selling Format Policy settings) and a channel Product Price (eBay, Amazon or Rakuten).

Consider the following scenario: a Product Price in Magento is 10 $, “Conditional Revise for Price” is Enabled and "Revise When Deviation More than" value set to 10%. If the price in Magento changes (increase or decrease) by less than 10% (absolute value of 1$) then no price change across marketplaces occur. If the price changes (increase or decrease) by more than 10% (absolute value of 1$) then the price will be synchronized with marketplaces.

If “Conditional Revise for Price” is disabled then any price change in Magento will trigger a price update on the linked channelChannels. Bulk price revision may cause delay to all other data synchronization tasks including order import.

Remember: too many unnecessary updates (or revisions) may slow down your system and may cause your inventory go out of sync.
Note: for sellers who synchronize Magento Inventory and Pricing with their suppliers automatically or through data feeds these options (“Conditional Revise for Price” and “Conditional Revise for Qty”) are critical.