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Extension for Magento v1.x

Release Notes

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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"Blank page" issue for some pages

In the previous version, if Configuration Cache was disabled in System > Cache Management, but the Compilation was enabled, then the issue with Magento running could take place. The issue was not widespread and used to occur only under the certain circumstances.

In the current version, this issue is fixed and no related issues are observed.

Major Improvement of some Extension Observers

The Performance of some event observers which are currently used in M2E Pro Extension (such as Save of Magento Products, Magento Order page display, etc) was improved in the current version.

So, now their Performance has been increased up to several hundred percent.

Process of Data Changes by the Extension

In case, there are a big number of Product Changes, some of them could have been ignored in the previous versions. As a result, the Actions (i.e. Revise, Relist, Stop, etc) were not executed based on the Synchronization Policy Rules. This problem used to take place only in the specific environment.

In the current version, the issue is fixed. The results of the profound functional testing show that all Magento Product Changes are processed properly now.

Note: for all Clients, who use M2E Pro Magmi Plugin, it is strongly recommended to upgrade your M2E Pro to the latest 6.4.0 version in order to prevent the issue described above for certain.
Channels could not be Enabled in the Extension, if all of them were switched off

In the previous version, some of the Users could face a problem enabling Sale Channels in System > Configuration > M2E Pro > Channels section after the Sale Channels were disabled.

In the current version, this problem is fixed and no related issues are observed.

Magento Attributes Labels were translated to the selected Locale language

In some cases, the Labels of the Magento Attributes were translated depending on the language selected in your Magento. It is not a correct behavior, as the value of Magento Attribute Label should not be translated while working with the admin panel.

In the current version, this issue is fixed and no related issues are observed.