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Extension for Magento v2.x

eBay Integration

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Guest Account – the system does not require a customer account to be created. Default guest account will be used instead.

To use this option, Magento Guest Checkout option must be enabled in Store > Settings > Configuration > Sales -> Checkout tab.

Predefined Customer – the system uses predefined customer.

A Customer ID you can find in Magento Customers > All Customers grid.

Create New – a new customer will be created in Magento.

  1. Associate to Website – Website a customer account will be created for.
  2. Customer Group – Customer Group a customer will be assigned to.
  3. Send E-mails When The Following Is Created – allows notifying the customer when Magento Order and/or Invoice are created. Necessary emails will be sent according to Magento settings in Stores > Settings > Configuration > Sales > Sales Emails. (Hold Ctrl button, to choose more, than one option.)

Email address is a unique customer identifier

is his e-mail address

in Magento system. If


this buyer email address already exists in your Magento,

the system will link orders to it

M2E Pro will associate Channel Order with an existing Magento Customer. A new customer will not be created.

Magento Customer details will be updated appropriately if the received billing and shipping addresses, region id, Middle Name/Initial mismatch existing Magento data. This will help to keep your Customer information accurate.

Order Creation Rules


Create Magento Order When - determines the conditions which should be met to create a Magento order. You can select from:

  • Immediate - means that the Magneto Order should be created once the eBay order was imported.
  • Checkout is Completed - means that the Magento Order should be created once the Buyer completed the Checkout.
  • Payment is Received - means that the Magento Order should be created once the purchase was Paid.
  • Checkout is Completed, Payment is Received - means that the Magento order should be created once the Buyer completed the Checkout and Paid the purchase.

If you set to create the Magento Orders Immediately, the Automatic Cancellation option becomes available.

In case you enable this option and set the period of Cancellation, Magento Orders, which were not paid in a definite time interval, will be canceled automatically.

On the other hand, if any other option is selected for Create Magento Order When function(Checkout is Completed, Payment is Received, etc.), the Reserve Quantity option becomes available.

This option reduces the Magento Product Inventory immediately when the eBay sale occurs in the marketplace and creates a "reserve" inventory that will be used when the Magento order is created upon payment. If the Order does not complete (receive payment) within your "reserve period" then the order is canceled and the inventory is put back into the Magento Product.

Why? The time between an eBay purchase and the payment for that purchase can create inventory issues.
To remedy this, use this option to prevent an item in your Magento from being sold after eBay sells your last one (i.e.: before the Magento order for that sale is created upon payment).


 The reservation is required if Magento Order creation is enabled. The '1 Day' term is provided by default.

titleImportant note

M2E Pro will reserve the Item Quantity only if both 'Manage Stock' and 'Decrease Stock When Order is Placed' options are enabled in your Magento under the Stores > Settings > Configuration > Catalog > Inventory: