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Extension for Magento v1.x

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M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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M2E Pro is developed to work based on core Magento functionality, meaning the Module correctly identifies all of the product updates made through Magento interface and synchronizes them on the Channel accordingly. In case 3rd party modules are used to update such information as Product Quantity, Price, status, etc. in Magento, then programmatic adjustments are required to ensure that the product updates are caught by M2E Pro. 

Magmi Import Tool provides product changes via direct SQL injections (i.e. not through the standard Magento functionality). So, M2E Pro needs a notification about modified data to reflect it correctly.

Therefore, if you are using Magmi Tool, you have to set up M2E Pro Plug-in for Magmi Import Tool.

Steps to proceed:

titleStep 1

Copy the content of the folder stored by the path:

titleStep 2

Place the copied data in Magmi root directory. The M2E Pro Plug-in option will appear within Magmi interface:

Configure Current Profile > Itemprocessors > Common section


titleStep 3

Select M2E Pro Plug-in option and save the Profile changes.


Be attentive, you must enable M2E Pro Plug-in within Magmi Profile you are using for the data import.

If M2E Pro Plug-in is installed and works properly, Magmi extension will keep a log of product updates. You will notice a message similar to the one below:

plugin;M2eProChangesCatcher;std:Ess M2ePro Product Changes Inspector v1.0.8 
- Will be checked 15677 products. 
plugin;M2eProChangesCatcher;std:Ess M2ePro Product Changes Inspector v1.0.8 
- Not presented (skipped): 15664 ## Existed (skipped): 0 ## Processed: 13. 

Also, after the Products are updated using Magmi Tool, the table 'm2epro_product_change' must contain appropriate records about these Product changes.

Note, with Plug-in enabled, M2E Pro will catch the product changes that trigger the automatic List, Relist, Stop and Price/Quantity Revise actions according to Synchronization Policy Rules.

Note, the packet of the new M2E Pro version may contain an updated version of the Plug-in for Magmi tool. After you upgrade your M2E Pro, it is important to ensure that the latest version of the Plug-In is used in Magmi extension.

Compare the Plug-in versions:

  • in Magmi extension


  • in M2E Pro packet


In case they are different, M2E Pro Plug-in for Magmi Import Tool must be updated too. Follow the steps of the setup instruction above.