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titleImportant note

If your M2E Pro was not initially installed via Magento Marketplace but you would like to upgrade the Module on Magento Marketplace website now, please follow this instruction first.

Recommendations before to start the upgrade process:

  • it may be necessary that you have full write permissions to all Magento files and folders;
  • check whether your server configurations comply with the next values:
    - Max execution time = 600 seconds or more,
    - Memory limit = at least 1 GB.

Follow the next steps to upgrade M2E Pro Module:

Step 1. Navigate to System > Web Setup Wizard > Component Manager in your Magento 2.x Instance to check for the update available. Once the new Module version is available, select Update from the Actions drop-down.

Step 2. The Update Wizard is opened. Click Start Readiness Check to run the process.

Proceed to the next step after the Readiness Check completed successfully.

Step 3. Click Create Backup. Your Magento will be put in Maintenance mode.

Proceed to the next step after the Backup created successfully.

Step 4. Click Update to run the upgrade process for M2E Pro.

You can monitor the upgrade progress in the Console Log.

Click Back to Setup Tool after the Module upgrade completed successfully.

You can ensure that M2E Pro Extension has been upgraded to the latest version successfully under the Component Manager tab.

Our Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded your M2E Pro.