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Extension for Magento v1.x

Amazon Integration 

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x is available. Information about releases can be found here.

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The process of new ASIN/ISBN creation can be based not on each Description Policy. Only Description Policies with a 'new ASIN/ISBN creation' option enabled can be used for new ASIN/ISBN creation. To use Description policy for the creation of new Amazon Product, select “Yes” in the “Enabled” field of the “New ASIN Creation” tab.

Along with this option additional block of settings appears. You are required to set the following values.

Note: Category, Brand, Manufacturer, Main Image, UPC/EAN fields are required in case you want to add new Amazon Product.

UPC / EAN Settings

Sellers are required to use UPC/EAN when creating new Amazon Products.

If the Item with such UPC/EAN already exists on Amazon, you should change the procedure of New ASIN creation to the procedure of assigning existing ASIN to your product. In case you specified the UPC/EAN which exists on Amazon, M2E Pro will link your product to the existing Amazon Product instead of creating a new one at the moment of “List” action.

Select the UPC/ EAN value from a Custom Attribute.

In case your products do not have UPC/EAN codes (e.g. hand-made products), you can use an exemption which allows you to not specify UPC/EAN. Choose appropriate exemption option in the Product ID Override field and set None in the UPC/EAN field.

To use exemption feature you must contact Amazon Support to receive a personal permission to sell products without UPC/EAN

Note: If you have Amazon exemption, UPC/EAN is not required but you can set it if needed.

Note: The UPC/EAN value will be sent only at the moment of new ASIN/ISBN creation and it will not be sent again in case you change it.