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Extension for Magento v1.x

Best Practice

M2E Pro for Magento v2.x has already been available. The detailed documentation for each version you can find here.

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Each Seller can create new Amazon Product using M2E Pro in case there is no such Product found in Amazon Catalog. To do that it is necessary to:

  • create Description Policy;
  • assign it to Magento Product;
  • specify New ASIN/ISBN Creation basing on selected Description Policy;
  • run List action to make new Product be available on Amazon.

Detailed information about Description Policy settings you can find here.

Detailed information about New ASIN/ISBN Creation you can find here.

As you know, to create new Amazon Products it necessary to provide UPC/EAN code, but there are an exceptions such as hand-made products, etc. These exceptions means creation of new Amazon Products without UPC/EAN values. However, Sellers must receive/have an approval from Amazon to create such Products.


To receive an approval to create/list Products without UPC/EAN you should contact Amazon support.

In case you have approvals you should select one of the Product ID Override options in Description Policy settings:

  • Private Label: Non-nationally branded product on your own company's label.
  • Specialized: Low-volume accessory part/item with a specialized function.
  • Non-consumer: A business-to-business product not sold in a retail store.
  • Pre-configured: Made-to-order or custom products.

Once you select a Product ID Override option, you are able to select None value for UPC/EAN.


In case you list products with Description Policy configured in the way described above and receive an error about missing UPC/EAN data, you should contact Amazon support to make sure your approval is correct or to receive a correct one.

If you sell Products without UPC/EAN, then while you are adding them into the Listing, ASIN/ISBN can be not found automatically for some of your Products.

Do not worry, you should just press Continue button at the top of this page and move forward.

Press Yes in an opened pop-up to create New ASIN/ISBN.

Then you will be redirected on a step where you should prepare your Product for creation of new Amazon Product. Select a Description Policy with Product ID Override option provided and press Continue.

Amazon Product will be automatically created at the moment of Listing of the Product without UPC/EAN.

The further management of Products without UPC/EAN is the same as for other Products.