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Extension for Magento v2.x

eBay Integration

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You can set preferences for the 3rd Party Listings Import. The 3rd Party Listing - is an Item that was listed to eBay directly or using any other tool (not M2E Pro).

Enable the Import 3rd Party Listings options to upload all the items which are active in your Inventory on eBay, but not available in M2E Pro Listings yet.


It can take up to 24 hours to import all existing 3rd party listings, depending on the size of your Channel inventory

Only 3rd party Items which are not older than 4 years will be imported.

Once the import is enabled, you can configure the automatic Mapping of the imported eBay Items to Magento Products from your Magento Catalog.

The first 3rd Party Listings Synchronization launches the first Product Automapping. After that you can launch it manually in eBay Integration > Listings > 3rd Party.

Magento Product Mapping Settings

 The imported Items can be mapped to Magento Products by 3 parameters:

Custom Label (SKU) compares eBay listing Custom Label with:

  • Magento Product SKU

  • Magento Product ID

  • a value of the Magento Attribute

Listings Title compares eBay Listing title with:

  • Magento Product Name

  • a value of the Magento Attribute

eBay Item ID compares eBay Listing ID with Magento Item ID:

Related Store Views

To synchronize Magento - eBay data correctly you need to establish a connection between eBay Marketplace and Magento Store View.