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Amazon is one of the leading e-retailers that brings together more and more new merchants, engaging buyers from all over the world. The unique Amazon e-retail concept is that each product page unites several different sellers offering the same item. While buyers enjoy a wide variety of offers and a freedom of choice, merchants continuously compete with other sellers to get a top selling position on the product page.

According to CPC Strategy Amazon annually generates over $100 billion in sales. Over 90% of these conversions occur via Amazon Buy Box. So winning Amazon Buy Box is a must have if you want to be a successful Amazon sellerUsing Repricing Service is a time-tested way to increase your chances of winning the Buy Box.

Today, price has become one of the main customer decision making criteria. The more affordable your prices are, the more sales you will get. The same logic also works for Amazon: the sellers are often forced to adjust their prices to win Buy Box and get more sales. But the more populated the market becomes, the more efforts are needed to monitor your competitors' offers and stay ahead of the others.

If you already have experience of selling on Amazon, you probably know that Buy Box is awarded based on more than just the product price. There are other variables that participate in the Buy Box share. Having the lowest price is not always enough to become a Buy Box winner. For example, if you are a trusted Amazon merchant or your products are in high demand, you can sell your items at higher prices while they will still remain among the top offers. The main question here is how can one recognize the right moment for an update in a frequently changing and competitive Amazon environment? It is indeed beyond the human capabilities.

Having your products efficiently priced by an automatic real-time repricing tool will let you stay among the most competitive sellers.

Our M2E Pro Amazon Repricing Tool will be a solution for you.

Amazon Repricing Service is developed to provide an ongoing management of your product prices by analyzing your competitors' activity. The Tool will automatically determin the highest possible price for your offers while still keeping the Buy Box. Ultimately, a fully automated repricing process guarantees a constant price optimization and adaptation to the volatile market.

M2E Pro Repricing Service is developed to make your path to the profitable sales fast and easy

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Multiple Amazon accounts and marketplaces

Increase sale profitability across all your merchant accounts and marketplaces at once.

Flexibility of price management

Widely customized Service behavior to satisfy your demands the best.

Powerful analytics

Provide thought-out business decisions based on comprehensive analysis of the key parameters.

Fully automated price updating

Get rid of exausting manual price adjusting. Enjoy the automated repricing.

Fast and reliable processing

Rapid price updating to have constant edge over competitors with a real-time repricing.

Repricing 24 hours a day

Be competitive 24/7 with continuous repricing. Service works while you sleep.

M2E Pro Amazon Repricing Service makes it easy to manage your prices in a real-time throughout the day to compete more efficiently.

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